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"As a result of the course I have a much greater understanding of the hugely important role baby massage can play in our infants developments and for parental development too!". Josie and Minerva baby's age 5 months.

"The class was led by our pace encouragement for babies to feed,cry.sleep etc as they needed, didn't ever feel rushed or judged" Anna & Ezra baby's  age 19 weeks

"The class was very relaxed and there is more to the class than just the massage! I really enjoyed the way it builds up as  the course goes on, I also really love the chats at the end of the class" Lucy & Eva"

"Very relaxing atmosphere and plenty of time to attend to my babies needs. My baby had a cold and it soothed her sinuses with the facial massage. Anna is very calming and a  good listener. Thank you for such a special time" Chloe and Elodi age 7 weeks.

"Anna made me feel at ease straight away, we got on so well and I felt listened to which is really important.

Anna was friendly enthusiastic & knowledgable. "baby led" class was amazing I never felt under any pressure or nervous about how my baby would "behave"

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