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There are so many benefits for you and your baby with Infant Massage. The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) uses Indian Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology. The programme covers massage of the legs tummy chest arms back and face we also incorporate touch relaxation gentle movements (yoga based) and colic routine. At the. end of the course you will learn to give your baby a full body massage that we have learned gradually over five weeks. 


Feeling closer to your baby

Gaining deeper. understanding of your baby's behaviour and communications cues

One to One time with your baby with no distractions

Feeling relaxed when giving your baby a massage

Increased confidence in your ability to care for your baby

Developing a life long parenting skill which can be adapted for the growing child and beyond.


Assisting your baby in secure attachment

Reduced crying and stress relief

Increased levels of relaxation which aids longer sleep

Relief of constipation wind colic and teething.

Aids muscle tone 

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